Nikos Kandarakis - Film Scoring | Production | Mixing

"My work has a number of different facets: the music production, the composition for films and performances and the solo electronic project ENKA. The element that keeps cohesion across those aspects is the way I perceive music: a very powerful entity that is able to stimulate one's feelings or intrigue their thoughts on an unconscious level. Therefore, I believe making or producing music is a very delicate and intense process of fine-tuning; it consists of laying out a complex set of elements with care, harmony and personality.

I experience every project as a challenge and as a possibility of learning something new: it prompts me to combine creativity and technical skills in a way that would be beneficial to the work, while bringing my signature in it. Collaborations and commissions are potent experiences that contribute in broadening my practice: the confrontation with other makers leads to an inspiring process of mutual learning"
Full song or album music production and mixing services.
Music (originally composed or licensed), music loops, audio transitions and sound design composed for commercials, corporate/promo videos, websites, animations, games or phone applications.
Welcome to the webshop where you can listen and license music composed by Nikos Kandarakis.

These original pieces will fit your project whether you are looking music for film, TV, animations, games, websites and much more. If you cannot find what you were looking for, please contact me to discuss tailor-made compositions.